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Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Max's Perspective...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. April has been a very busy month and I've been tied up with printing, design work, wedding season, shop happenings, etc...

I've been meaning to share some fun photos that my friends Nat & Bill took from my cake party a few weeks ago. They are the awesome husband+wife team behind Photo lab Pet Photography and they do beautiful work. So naturally, a lot of their shots of the cake party were of Max! I thought it would be nice to share the event from his perspective. And why not? He's a huge part of Olive-Route--he meets and greets clients, guards the shop, gives good cuddles, and just an overall awesome companion :)

My friend Anna nicknamed him Mr. Mustache and it stuck! We now call him that along with the official title "Director of HR for Olive-Route Press."

His infamous "wall of shame" where all the toy remains are displayed like trophies--all gutted and mangled from too much tug-o-war.

His "fashion pose"

You'll often find him staring out the door and he gets as much attention from passersby as the vintage presses do.

 I love this photo! He's a very social pup and I feel he gets frustrated that he's so short and gets overlooked at parties. That's what this look is about.

Need I say more?

For more photos of the cake party, check out The Whole Cake's Facebook page here as well as this sweet post by Alyssa from Alison Events here.


  1. More like "Wall of Ferocity" or "Hall of Kick-Ass."

  2. Thanks for sharing those Via!! I love that Max :)