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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Move over, Britney ;)

I was having a typical afternoon one day, headed over to Richard & David's shop to ask some random printing question like I always do. I walked through the door and Richard was on the phone and asked me a question "Would you like to be interviewed by someone from the Chronicle?" Again, very random. But I said "Sure." He handed me his phone and I spoke with Edward, the journalist who ended up interviewing me for an article for his weekly column called "What I Do"....

Richard declined to speak with him, so I ended up talking shop with Edward. This worked out great because asking me about how I started printing and why I'm still here means that he would get an ear-full about Richard & David. So even though Richard decided to not tell his story, they were still being exploited because my story wouldn't be possible without them.

To my pleasant surprise, when I bought the paper this past monday, I saw that my article shared the same page as Britney Spears! My picture, underneath her's in all her popstar glory was really pretty epic. I couldn't have picked a better day for this. The reason why it's so funny is that we always joke at how I'm the pop-culture know-it-all around the shop. Now how fitting is that!

The printed version is always better (of course!) but for those of you who weren't able to get a copy of the paper, here's the online version by clicking here.


  1. Olivia! So rad. I wish i could see it in person. Nice article.

  2. @brendan- i bought a bunch of copies so no worries ;)

    @ richard- dontcha mean hells yeah?!