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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who wants cake?

Doing our best to battle the gloomy weather recently so we're arming ourselves with some of our favorite goodies to bring your way! Olive-Route and The Whole Cake will be joining forces on April 7th (2 weeks from today) to host a Cake Tasting Party! Take that rain.

Kelsey will be designing 5 cakes inspired by some of my wedding invites to showcase for the evening. I'll be throwing down some letterpress giveaways. We'll have cake bites and some bubbly to get us all hype. What else can I say?

Hope you can make it! Please rsvp here so we know you're down: kelsey@thewholecake.com


  1. SO Jealous! Wish I could be there, save some cake for me when I come visit the next week ;)