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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A look back...

This is what the shop looked like 5 years ago, right before my friend Hannah and I moved in. I've occupied the space by myself for a while now--but throughout the years I've opened my doors to countless friends, fellow printers, artists, designers and crafters to come in and spend time with me in this workspace so I never really felt too alone. I've also never really gotten used to calling it "my shop." I almost always refer to it as "the shop." Even though it is technically mine, this space is full of its own personality and spirit that I can't really claim it to be my own. So this month, April 24th to be exact, I'll be celebrating Olive Route's 5th birthday in this amazing little 750 sq ft space that has brought much joy in my life.

Stop by and say hi. Or better yet, give us a high five :)

3-6 pm, Saturday April 24th
Olive Route Press
1711 Martin Luther King Way
Suite A
Berkeley, CA 94709

I've been horrible at blogging lately but I'll try to post more shop tidbits throughout the week to help kick off my anniversary party. More to come (cross your fingers)!


  1. Oh! I remember when we first painted those walls... so many memories. I am so proud to see you come this far, and I can't wait to celebrate with you!

  2. *Hi-five!*

    Love the balloons/press birthday card! (You planning on printing those?) Congrats on 5 years at "the shop." Here's to many more to come!