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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shop front foliage

Eversince I moved in, I've been thinking of adding some plants to liven up the shop and haven't done much with the idea as you can see here. I don't have a green thumb but appreciate landscaped outdoor spaces so much. I just never know where to start! This upcoming shop party has forced me to kick this into gear and just do something about it. But of course, with the help of one of my talented and creative friends :)

It took getting to know Christine Pyers of Idora landscape design to bring my idea to life. I've always wanted an olive tree in a giant pot to the the left of my shop doors where it's currently bare and boring. Everytime I print on my C&P, I look out my window and always tell myself how great would it be if I had something pretty to look at instead of the traffic on MLK...

So she ran with my olive tree idea and here's what she got from the nursery!!! These plants are so rich and full of color, it will be such a treat to look at everyday :) She'll be putting this together this coming week so I'll make sure to take after pictures so check back in...

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  1. Thanks! I can't wait to get them all in the container- they're going to be so happy set in front of such an amazing shop!