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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inspiration: Meet Ms. Jenny Pennywood

My friend Jen Garrido and I met a few years ago when we shared a booth at the NY Stationery show with a few other talented Bay Area biz ladies. We all hawked our paper goods and learned the trade show circuit for the first time together. Some continued, others decided to not do that again (me and Jen included). I went on to pursue my custom letterpress work and Jen worked as a full-time artist. Her abstract work is quite amazing--full of bold and organic textures, you should check them out here.

Toll Booth, 2009, acrylic on panel, 33 x 36":

Fiesta Love, 2005, oil on panel, 25" x 28"

We reconnected recently through the wedding world as Jen just launched her new company called Jenny Pennywood (cute!). Jenny Pennywood is a custom design studio catering to wedding and special events clients--covering all sorts of platforms from paper goods to textile and surface design, to hand lettering and illustration. She can basically do it all! Her own wedding will be featured in this fall's upcoming Martha Stewart Weddings issue. In the meantime, you can check out Jen's work here:
her website
her blog
her tumblr (collection of images for inspiration)

Make sure to check out her pattern work, amazing!

She recently posted this pic on her blog of a wedding she's working on where I letterpressed her beautiful illustration of the Save the date. Fun, fun! Looking forward to seeing more from this busy lady :)

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