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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Ornaments at Poketo!

Anjel and I met up with Ted and Angie of Poketo about a month ago when they were in town. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Kirala (their almond crusted shrimp tempura is to die for) to celebrate Angie's birthday and to catch up on each other's busy lives over the past year or so. Lots of talk about travel, inspiration, food, and all things that make life good :)

Ted mentioned that he enjoyed receiving my valentine's card this year-- a letterpressed heart on coaster board that I made into an ornament with a hand-written note on the back. The act (or art) of receiving (and giving) a special note and sending by normal post is still not lost among us. The fact that it's tangible, purposeful and thoughtful makes that piece of ephemera that much more meaningful--a true keepsake! So with this thought in mind, we all collaborated on a special item for the holidays, Letterpressed Ornament Cards. You can use them as holiday cards, gift tags, or to decorate your tree...

Patterns by Anjel (inspired by her travels), letterpressed by yours truly and can be purchased at Poketo. There's only a very limited run so get them while you can!

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