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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello Lauren

Just wanted to write a post formally introducing Ms. Lauren Aczon. She's been an intern at my shop since the beginning of summer and came to my rescue during peak wedding season when I was in over my head with production work. She started out doing some assembly work and was up for some non-glamorous tasks at the shop--organizing samples, trimming paper, archiving, and even spray painting!

But since then, her internship evolved into something closer to an artist in residence so-to-speak but without the living in my shop part :) Lauren expressed interest in letterpress from the get go, and had some previous Vandercook experience in college which always helps. She's also a fantastic artist and after perusing through her sketchbook, I could easily see how her style of linework would translate well into letterpress. I harnessed my inner mother-hen and encouraged her to print her own work and see where it takes her...

Well, after 6 months of learning to print at the shop, Ms. Lauren attended an art Expo showcasing some of her prints, opened up an etsy site to sell paper goods, and will be exhibiting some artwork coming up at her local cafe! All this is documented on her blog here--and yes, she started a blog too. Not bad for a newbie :)

Here are some images of her work which can also be seen on her online profiles:
site: http://laurenaczon.carbonmade.com/
blog: http://quickeningforce.blogspot.com/
etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Quickeningforce

Looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with!

p.s. Hilarious how she calls me "Mistress" as opposed to "Master" which would be a term an apprentice would call someone in my case. But I don't think either term would really work since I'm far from being a master of my craft. Funny none-the-less! :)


  1. Via, you're too modest- you are a master, er mistress! Congrats Lauren! Can't wait to see more beautiful things from you!

  2. lauren--your work looks amazing! i can't wait for your event.