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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Off the Press: Ragazza poster

This post is brought to you by the newest addition to the Olive-Route family, Camille, who will be a regular on this blog. I thought I'd mix things up a bit and bring in a new voice, new perspective on the shop. Enjoy!

On the first day of my apprenticeship at Olive-Route, I had the lucky chance of working on a project that Via was commissioned to do for the opening of Ragazza, the sister restaurant to the already established Gialina. The new pizzeria, which opens this week, keeps with the traditional family-oriented decor of Gialina, but this time celebrates life and youthfulness. With photographs from her youth scattered around the restaurant, chef Sharon Ardiana captures life at its most fruitful.
It is no wonder then that the poster we printed for the opening encapsulates the joy of being young and free. A little Ardiana, bright-eyed and happy!

Over two days of printing, we finished the project and were very happy with how they turned out. What a great way to start...jumping right on the Vandercook press and celebrating pizza. Two of my favorite things.

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  1. Whew- the photos came out looking more than halfway decent! Great post Camille, I look forward to hearing more from you :-)