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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Off the Press: Idora Promo Postcards

Just finished printing these fun postcards for Christine of Idora Design. I love all her whimsy garden illustrations! Most landscape companies use photographs (which completely makes sense), but what I love about Christine is that she's trying out fun alternatives to the norm with her business marketing.
There's something about these promo cards that covey a sense of craft, care, and unique design sense that is all about her. Even the paper stock looks like it could mix in well with the garden compost :) Wouldn't you want to hire her after getting one of these cards?!

Make sure to check out her blog too for some tips on gardening, plant suggestions and other fun tidbits she has in store...

I'll be selling these designs as blank postcards on my etsy site soon, will let you know when they're available for purchase.

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