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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little visitors

I was paid a visit today by 3 adorable little people who were on a field trip with their teacher. They were nextdoor at St. Hieronymous Press when I met them. Then I mentioned that I, too have cool machines PLUS a cute pup they can play with :) That lured them in and having them for a bit was the perfect distraction...

I love this picture of Lukan eyeing my press, so precious!

This is Zoey playing with Max and my friend Christine who was also visiting for the day. She was the most chatty of the 3 tots but none of us could understand a word she said! Though very friendly she was...

I love this picture--Ella was a little shy (in the back) and the other 2 just couldn't stop staring at the cool machine. We had to make sure they didn't get too close as you can see Mr. Goines waving his index finger to motion the negative ;)

They were all very inquisitive, polite and just completely adorable (with equally adorable names). I couldn't let them go empty-handed so Christine made little ornaments from some letterpressed coasters I had laying around the shop to take back with them (forgot to take pics). The rest of the class was sick and couldn't make it, hopefully next time!

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