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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Inspiration: Fashion and Daytime TV

I did a LOT of lounging around during Thanksgiving break--caught up on sleep, read, watched dvds and had a good dose of daytime telly watching. I caught the Martha Stewart show the day after Thanksgiving and enjoyed the segment on the new JCrew line for this holiday season. Jenna Lyons, their creative director was on promoting the latest catalog, shared some inspiration boards and ended with a fashion show. It definitely kick-started me into the holiday mood!

Since I haven't had a recent post on anything fashion-related lately, I thought I'd share some of my faves from this season on JCrew:

I love how they always shoot on-site for their catalog. Since this was produced months before (during our summer), they had to fly all the way to Chile to find some snow--models, production crew, and 17 trunks of clothing in tow...

Cut-off shorts with tights is probably my biggest clothing staple this fall. And if I didn't have to take off all my jewelry before running my press I would probably wear all those baubles to the shop :)

Throw a black blazer over a casual outfit will make you feel dressed up instantly--for those non-dressy peeps out there, I get you :)

Another combo I love this season: knits + sequins

Can't be a complete post on JCrew without a cute kid and cute boy thrown in...

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