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Monday, September 7, 2009

Max turns 4!

A little picture tribute to my ultimate shop buddy on his special day :) Happy birthday to my little guy with the biggest heart--literally and figuratively. He was born with an enlarged heart (so far not a concern) just another special thing that makes him bigger than the sum of his parts...

Thanks little dude for being the best companion.

pics by Laura of FMN Design.


  1. Happy Birthday Maxie!!! I miss you!!!! Love, your Kuya Carlos

  2. Happy Birthday to Max!! He's just too adorable and I love how you love him. It's the sweetest thing. I hope you both have a great day of celebration. ox

  3. Happy birthday, Maxie! You're sweeter than the chicken-flavored frosting on your birthday cupcake! Those pics are so adorable!