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Monday, May 11, 2009

3 Degrees from Madonna

Last week Richard and Anjel were having a conversation about the Six Degrees of Separation and it's possible origin from the Small World theory to the more fun version of Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon game. Regardless of the tangents, the bottom line is that some crazy mathematician figured this all out and it's always fun to see if it works.

During their convo, I was printing this notecard job for celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (who's blog is always entertaining and a great time-waster) it seemed appropriate that I played this game for a second. The biggest star I can think of to test the theory on is Madonna, so here goes: I've been in contact with Perez Hilton's assistant--who knows Perez personally--who then has met Madonna on a few occasions. That makes me 3 degrees separated from the Queen of Pop herself! Not bad for a small unknown shop owner from Berkeley, small world it is :)

This is actually the second run of these cards--I was super happy to hear he liked them enough to have them re-printed! I made the original version on my C&P press over a year ago (on the right). Since then, I've acquired a Vandercook press which I ended up using for this second printing (left). I felt the pink needed to be "hotter" and more saturated to match the personality of his website. I think this time around the vandy was the right press for the job. Hope he agrees!


  1. Thanks, Via! I can always depend on you to get me 4 degrees of separation away from Madonna!

  2. That is fascinating. Those cards are hot. (As Paris Hilton would say.)

  3. omg omg. that means I am 3 degrees away from Perez!! :)