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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random fun with Anjel: Spicy and Sweet

My good friend, Anjel Van Slyke of Cabbage Design has taken up temporary office space in the back half of my studio before she embarks on a journey with her husband around the world. Similar to Richard from nextdoor, I feel I need to share her with you and have regular posts. All week, we've been trying to brainstorm on what her posts would be about. So, after enjoying a couple margaritas on a friday afternoon to celebrate the end of a busy work week, we've simply titled it "Random fun with Anjel."--weekly segments of creative compositions on the fly, an insight into the mind of this alarmingly talented and refreshingly silly friend of mine.

The challenge we gave ourselves is that we can only use props that's readily available for the compositions. So for this post, it's about Sweet Anjel vs. Spicy Anjel. Which do you prefer :)

The cupcake was given to us by my super intern, Kristen from this wonderful little bakery down the street called Love at First Bite. And the gilded frame was borrowed from nextdoor at St. Hieronymus Press, and yes--they have this kind of stuff laying around because it wouldn't be a printshop without a gold victorian frame, duh!

I have to preface this by saying that Anjel does NOT smoke and is one of the healthiest people I know, which is why this is so silly. And to make it even more badass, that cigarette is this special brand of unfiltered kind and practically illegal. Can't disclose where I got this prop, I would have to kill you first :P (Sorry for the blurry pic, blame the margarita)


  1. Sweet Anjel is one of my best super otaku friends, spicy Anjel is one of my spirit animals. So which one I like depends on if I'm going to eat udon and read manga or bomb through the Oakland hills on a moto.

  2. I think that I like Spicy Anjel best because you can see the deflated animal gallery behind her. :)