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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A quick reality check...

I had asked Camille to write this post because I wanted to hear the story told from a different perspective. I've repeated it one-too-many times in the past couple of weeks! I also wasn't sure how to go about writing it but knew I had to share--it's a good reminder of how we always, always need to respect these machines.


A print shop is letterpress and lead type and vibrantly colored ink and creativity and fun. But it's also very dangerous. Everyday we are dealing with old, powerful machines and chemicals, so it's always important to pay attention. But even in the most controlled environment, accidents happen.

About three weeks ago, Via was trimming a bunch of business cards on the hydraulic paper cutter when she cut her thumb on the upswing of the blade. Luckily, Richard, who works next door at St. Hieronymus Press, came to the rescue. After a rush to the emergency room and three hours until the cut finally stopped bleeding, she was shaken up but okay, with a very tender thumb wrapped in a blanket of gauze.

Via loves her job and she loves to print, so the last few weeks have been really hard! She is also a little sensitive and squemish, and as of this moment she has not yet seen her thumb ;) Her caretakers, Chris and Anjel, think it won't be long until she is back to printing again.

In the end she's really lucky! The funny thing about the printing business is every printer at one time or another has a story to share about some accident or incident like this. From broken bones, the loss of the sense of smell, or going to the grave with a few less fingers, every printer who loves their job will say, the risk is always worth it.

by Camille

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  1. oh my god! on the UPSWING? i can't even imagine how... but, i guess i'll hear all about it soon enough. thanks for the update, cam :-) and you should post a "p.s." entry with a pic of her bad-ass scar!