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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello Camille + Bird Loves Bee Event

Camille is my other lovely intern who has been a great addition to the Olive-Route family recently. Besides helping me at the shop, she keeps very busy with other things: keeping a full-time job, freelance writing, starting her own small press, publishing her first set of art "zines," producing and curating her first art show coming up...just to name a few things on her plate. Geez, this girl is one busy bee!

Speaking of bees...Camille has been hard at work all season for her upcoming show next week titled "Bird Loves Bee" where she will release the 3 art zines she's been producing as well as showcasing some local talent in the art and music industries. To read more about this event, please visit her pages:

One Red Delicious Press
FB Event Invite 

Here are some photos of her recent work for the event. Hope you can make it! Your support of small business and all things crafted by hand and heart is always, always appreciated. What Camille is putting together is quite an undertaking, I'm very proud of her and wish her the best! You can purchase copies of her zines as well as the limited-edition letterpressed poster at the event.

The event is on Friday, January 21st from 8-midnight (free admission).

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