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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Inspiration: Portland Livin'

Just got back from visiting my sister in Portland for Thanksgiving last week and didn't need to go very far for some design inspiration. Actually didn't even need to step foot outside! Besides the freezing temps we experienced, her house was just way too cozy and warm that I ended up spending most of the time indoors.

Thought it would be a great post to share some pics of how she decorated her home. I feel like it could easily fit into a cool design/shelter magazine--clean lines, pops of bold color, and just the right amount of knick-nacks to personalize a space.

Sheepskin throw to soften a lucite chair...

Great minimalist children's toy rocker...

We listened to a lot of vinyl records, nice change from all the Pandora music we've grown accustomed to. You put more thought into the record you want to play, my fave was probably Michael Jackson's Thriller :)

I loved seeing this old t-shirt in her bathroom from our high-school days--would this be considered vintage??

Nice pop of color with this non-traditional aqua sink and paired with the grey soapstone countertop makes a lovely combination. 

Her husband Brandon is a photographer and had these beautiful prints laying around--these are called wet-plate prints. The photos look vintage but aren't! This is almost like the letterpress-equivalent of photography. The old-school-art-craft bug definitely runs in the family :)

Another cool chair from my sister's amazing collection, she has a bit of an addiction...

This was probably one of my favorites--simple tree painting against a white wall is a nice accent piece next to the front door.

Hope you enjoyed these!  Thanks to my sister, Tricia, and Brandon for letting me exploit--er, I mean explore-- their house :)


  1. Thanks for coming over! Can't wait to have you guys over during the summer time. All about the backyard!

  2. so classy! she's got a great eye.

  3. Snazzy design sensibilities definitely runs in the family!