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Friday, September 3, 2010

Inspiration: The Dub C on design

This architecture-related post is brought to you by my hometown of Walnut Creek! I know most people think I live in Berkeley since I spend most of my time there. But everyday, I go home to this amazing place just east of Berkeley, through a tunnel and down one of the most beautiful stretches of freeway scenery in the Bay Area. The majestic view of Mt. Diablo serves as my compass where home sits, nestled in the foothills--sunshine always beaming. Sounds fantastic, right? Yep, that's why I live there.

Walnut Creek isn't really known for cutting edge design, although I don't fault it for that. I typically go downtown for a relaxing stroll, stop off for a gelato somewhere not really expecting to see the latest trends. Although one day, I did! On my way to our neighborhood bar, I saw this sleek wood-paneled building (where an old piano store used to be) and was quietly surprised and impressed. I've since checked out Vesu and enjoyed the interior and some of the artwork that was displayed (although not so into the $12 cocktails).

When I was perusing through my daily design blog reads today, again, I was pleasantly surprised to see this same exact restaurant featured on one of my favorite architecture websites! Very surreal to see Walnut Creek on the design map, but there it is.

For more photos, check out The Contemporist.

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