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Monday, February 15, 2010

SF Wedding Map

I designed this custom map poster for SF couple, Wayne and Marina, who wed a couple of weekends ago on Feb 6th. They already had wedding invites sent out and came to me specifically to design some wedding-day paper goods.

This map was digitally printed at 24" x 36" and was signed by their guests at their reception which was held at Town Hall. They asked me to plot all the sites around the city that meant something to them so this was super personalized :)

It was really fun to draw all the little icons and integrating Anna Ji's calligraphy into the design. I've never done a map this large...I'm glad they liked it--they asked me to print extra copies for their home and office!

I also made some table signs that matched the map icons...


  1. so cute! did you ever end up printing that map i gave you?

  2. not yet-- i will once i have a free afternoon. will let you know when it's printed :)