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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A labor of love

This is the thesis project of Stephanie Laursen, a graphic design student from CCA who will be interning at my shop next semester :) Stephanie spent two months at my shop last summer when she was interning for my shopmate, Anjel, at that time. I've gotten to know her over the last few months and have felt somewhat invested in her education, mainly due to her dedication to the idea of keeping the handmade process as part of her continuing evolution as a designer.

This is the quote from one of the 5 cases she hand-made for this project, all brilliantly showcasing her skills in design and craft:

"The following book examines my Graphic Design education...over the past three years, the lack of tactility present in my design classes, and my fight to bring tactility into my work through printmaking."

I find this quote to be true also in the real world, so as a letterpress printer trying to continue the trade, this project hit close to home for me :)


Blind-debossed chart examining hours spent for each class making something by hand:

This case explores the sense of touch and it's importance in society by collecting as many words as she could think of to describe what is considered our 5th sense (after sight, hearing, taste and smell).

Probably my favorite case--a collection of beautifully bound papers available to designers. A great sampling of textures, colors, and patterns! Love it.

Fun conceptual book covers, a re-design of some classics not meant for practical use but great nonetheless...

Her process book documented all the work she did: using a combination of letterpress, digital printing, bookbinding, photography...each technique informing and equally contributing to the final product.

So Stephanie, once you get to this "labor of love" point as a designer--as a printer, I'm afraid there's no going back :) Hook. line. and sinker. When's the next project and how are we gonna make it??? Looking forward to having you at the shop next semester!

More pics can be seen on my flickr.

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