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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Final Reviews at CCA

This week I was invited to be a guest by my friend, Michael Yap, who teaches the Graphic Design Tools class for level one students. The class focuses on learning how to use digital programs which I thought was so ironic since they'll probably know more about Photoshop and InDesign than me! But I guess my purpose was that he wanted them to make connections to the "old-school" processes that has informed a lot of where graphic design is now, so I guess having a letterpress printer there wasn't so far off :) It's always good to learn how to "go back to the basics" in any industry, might as well start making a habit of it while they're just starting their careers...

They each made a "zine" for a particular sub-culture of their choice and had to design and create from top to bottom: concept, logo, layout, content, production. This is where I realized how I've aged because half the stuff they talked about was completely foreign to me! Overall, they did great work and more importantly, I think Mike did a fantastic job as their instructor. Teaching is hard, hard work. So kudos to him and thanks for inviting me! Here are some pics of the student projects:

The one on the left is about a group who obsesses on lo-fi analog photography and the other is on everything Otaku.

Two zines on groups called Yoco (educated and fashion-conscious folks in their 20's-30's) and a locally based, student specific one called Thursdays (the student created the cover art which was a big plus for me).

Overall, it was a great experience and I had a lot more to say than I thought! I haven't been back to CCA since I left over 5-6 years ago and this was a positive way to return. The Graphic Design Level 3 final projects were also installed on campus so I took the liberty to take some pics of more student work:

More pics can be seen on my flickr stream.

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