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Saturday, October 17, 2009

North Berkeley Love

Printing on an unusually warm saturday afternoon in October...doors wide open, I look out as people pass by running their weekend errands. It's a lovely day in Berkeley. It's a great day for printing, my press runs are smooth and my ipod is on shuffle and decides to play a great selection for me.

A passerby named Phillip stops by, checks out my presses and talks about how much he loves what I do--perpetuating an "old-world" craft in this special 4-5 block radius in Berkeley that is known for such things. His father used to collect old lead type and he talks about how he used to play with them as a kid.

And now, a chef, he wishes he still had the time to play with letters. Maybe a collaboration he says? Of his menus and my letterpress someday...Funny how I know many chefs since I can barely find my way around a kitchen. But that's the perk of being here in the "gourmet ghetto" being surrounded by people who love the simple things in life--cooking, eating, sharing...their joy infectious.

Fresh from the market and on his way to make a meal with friends, he seemed to enjoy our few minutes talking shop and left me some presents. He shuffled around in his tote bag and decides to give me the perfect pear and unusually large green onions...

When I thought I couldn't love my job more, days like this happen. It's special and sweet and I'm very lucky to be here.

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  1. What a blessing for your Saturday afternoon. Makes me want to work somewhere other than my office in my house. Hmmmmm.......