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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pre-Press for Mark Webber's Art Print, Part Two

Now that the linoleum is glued securely on the base, that took care of the first major task. The next problem to solve is how to print the interior heart a different color. Currently, the lino-block is designed to print in one color as seen here:

My initial thought was to try to carefully "cut" the heart out of the linoleum. The idea of printer playing doctor was in interesting thought. But when I saw how thick the piece of linoleum is and how I could easily ruin this piece of art with an unsteady hand, I voted against it. If my brother who is a doctor was around, I MAY have attempted it with his help...

Plan B: make a proof of the heart, scan the proof, and make a polymer plate!

1) Ink the area

2) Make a proof

3) Scan and get it on the computer

Now here's the heart which will be made into a plate...Stay tuned! For more info on Mark, visit his site at markandrewebber.com

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  1. I don't know, is there a harder way? This seems like way too easy of a solution!