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Monday, September 21, 2009

Open Studio: Christine of Idora Design

Last week I spent a day with the sweet and talented Ms. Pyers, who just recently started her landscape company, Idora Design. I had the pleasure of working with her during the design of her logo and identity and we have been friends since. Her website is still under construction so make sure to check back soon, and she has this fun and informative blog for those of you needing tips on gardening or just looking to get inspired.

She named her company after the Idora amusement park that was built in the early 1900's in the neighborhood where she's based. Christine knows her history and has a vintage throw-back feel to her personal style which I love and this definitely influences her work.

We took a field trip down the street from my shop to check out one of her recent landscape projects. It was great to mix it up and get out of the studio, walk Max and appreciate some nature!

I was both intrigued and freaked out by this spider we came across along the way.

Christine specializes in California native plants, practices sustainable landscaping methods, and suggests such options to her clients. Here she is posing with the redwood trellis she built herself :) I should also mention that she is a furniture maker and has mad skills with the power tools...

Here are some shots of some lovely potted plants and the grapevine making its way through the trellis.

Back at the shop, we are currently collaborating on some postcard mailers for her company which will also be eventually sold as a set of special-edition letterpressed cards! Here's a quick peek of her lovely illustrations. Will keep you updated...

And once again, we got lucky and were invited for lunch nextdoor and had some of Richard's yummy tortilla soup and a selection of hot sauces (which I graciously passed on) for those who preferred to eat on the wild side. I was a little suspicious of the one that looked like a vile of blood and the one enclosed in the clear case and had the word CAUTION in bold letters...

It was an awesome open studio, thanks Christine! For more pics, check out my flickr.

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  1. Via, you are too sweet! Thanks for a lovely day!