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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Studio: Chewing the Cud with Viola

I met Viola Sutanto about a year ago during a wedding networking event. I immediately felt comfortable around her among a sea of strangers and found we had a lot in common--both graphic designers, attended the same schools, know a lot of the same people, have the same nickname ("Vi"), the list goes on...

She owns Chewing the Cud, a concept-driven design, paper goods and textile-based company along with a super stylish wedding line to boot. Here are some snapshots of her work, make sure to take a sec to peruse through her sites. Her work is absolutely fun and flawless!

I got lucky and received one of her reusable fabric gift wraps (so sweet!) which she debuted at the NY Stationery show last May. Just the perfect thing to make gift-giving even more special. You can purchase them (along with other fun paper goods) through her Etsy store here.

It comes with this great how-to guide, well-designed and thought out down to the very last detail. But of course! Always quality work coming from this lady...

Since Viola came to visit on a Friday, thought it would be a great way to end the week by inviting some of my local friends and have a mini-fiesta. Here she is prepping the guacamole :)

Had a fab time chattin', workin' and playin' with Miss Vi, doing what we do...Looking forward to her move to Berkeley, I'm sure we'll be hanging out again soon. Hoping that she'll be one of my regulars around the shop :) For more pics check out my flickr here.

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