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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off the Press: Journal Covers

Just finished printing this fun collabo project with good friend and portrait artist, Galina Yakovenko. She came by and helped print the covers which will be bound into notebooks and mini-folders.

Here she is hard at work on the vandercook! You hang out with me long enough at the shop and I'll put you to work :P

Super excited about getting these bound--I love how it has this somewhat rock-and-roll look with the blue and black. Even the plate looked awesome...

More pics of the process on my flickr here.


  1. Perhaps it's vanity… but I keep noticing my face before everyone else's. I can't wait to see these, they look great and the plate does look Rock and Roll, gold record styling.

  2. V, these came out AWESOME! I am so happy you guys went with the blue... can't wait to see the finished books!