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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Regulars

I had a great open studio today with my friend Anna and her pup Blue! I will post about it soon so make sure to check back in. In the meantime, I thought I'd post about my neighbor Michele and his pup Lisa who are regular visitors at my shop and stopped by this afternoon.

Michele is a retired Chez Panisse chef who now spends his days playing golf, fishing, and walking his beloved bichon Mona Lisa. She and Max are good pals and when the two are running around the shop, I get to visit with my friend and listen to lots of stories of just about anything from pizza to butterfly migration. Whether or not the stories are truth or fiction doesn't really matter, it's the company that counts :)

Here are all three dogs today (including Blue the corgie). So cute!

Anyone who has been to my shop to hang out has probably met Michele once or twice and got the chance to listen to him tell animated stories with his lovely Italian accent and delightful smile. So today's story was about how he "baptized" the name of a local pizza restaurant owned by his friend Charlie called Pizzaiolo. And because of this, he's gotten some free delicious meals and wine from his fellow chef-mate :)

Here he is in mid-storytelling...

And when I'm lucky, I get to receive a loaf of freshly made bread from the chef himself! It's all about sharing the love of food around here--life of a printer (near the Gourmet Ghetto) definitely has it's perks...

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  1. Oh I totally miss being a cast member at the shop! No matter all the ups and downs I think life at the shop is still La Dolce Vita!!!