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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open Studio: Anna and Blue

I had a fun playdate with my friend Anna Ji and her pup Blue for open studio the other day. I met her through a previous client who thought it would be a good idea for us to meet and network. Anna and I have a lot in common-both graphic designers who have gone through formal training with old-school mentors. Hers being in calligraphy and mine with letterpress.

Besides all this traditional calligraphy, Anna also does a lot of design work from invitations to web. You can see her portfolio here. She also knows a thing or two about photography and was kind enough to lend her skills to me that day for some product pics. Thanks lady :)

We had lots going on that day as you can see and kept getting distracted (thanks to our dogs!), but here's a quick sketch of what she was playing around with. I love blackletter and wanted to see her work with trying to figure out how to soften it a little. This is her version with the rounded edges--hopefully she can come back next time so we can play around with it some more...

For more pics, you can check out my flickr.

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