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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Idora Sign

I mentioned before that Anjel and I designed a logo for a landscape company named, Idora. This project was really special to us because it was the last the last thing we collaborated on and that we both were truly proud of the outcome. The concept and the design fell into place and we couldn't ask for a better client than Christine. She gave us a lot of creative freedom and was on board throughout the whole process.

So I was super excited to see that Christine made this awesome sign and just posted on her blog here! Way to go lady :)


  1. Pretty! Are they named for Idora Park?

  2. yup :) we did a lot of research about the park when we were designing and christine had some vintage images that she showed us for inspiration too...

  3. Thanks, Via! I can't get over how beautiful the work you did on it turned out. I love my talented friends!